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We compare the equipment used for mug decorating and show you how its done.

Customizing sublimation mugs/steins/travel mugs all require special heating equipment and inkjet printers with special inks to do the job correctly.

*Note - The mugs are specialy coated for sublimation so regular mugs will not work.

Sublimation inks are used when creating an image to transfer onto mugs as well as other sublimatable items you can purchase.
If you are unfamiliar with the inkjet sublimation process, click here.

Special Equipment Needed-

DK3 Mug Press

A special heat press or mug wrap is used to transfer the image to the item with heat and pressure. Which one is best suited to fit your needs depend on the number of mugs needed in a given time-frame, mobility of location or even space requirements to name a few.

Mug presses-

A heat press is the fastest and easiest way to produce a single mug. If each mug will be customized or orders are not that big then a mug press would be best suited to your needs.

Mug presses also do not require a lot of space, generally they only need about 1.5' x 3' space.

HIX Mug Wraps

Mug Wraps-

Mug wraps are handy when mass-production is needed. Mug wraps are placed in an oven for about 15 minutes after the oven has reached full temperature. You can purchase more wraps if you need to produce many mugs in a short period of time.

Depending on the oven you use space can be an issue. Even a small convection oven could be used although the time would be greater.

Combined with good inks and mug press or mug wraps, producing custom mugs, steins and travel mugs is a profitable add-on to any business.

Although we do not believe that producing mugs will make you a million dollars very quickly, we do believe that not having the ability to make them may cause a customer to seek another company that can.

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